About Keep It Simple Web Design

concept: Webdesign - puzzle with words on orange background Keep It Simple Web Design is about creating simple, affordable and straightforward small business websites.

Most small business owners don’t need the distracting bells and whistles that many web designers charge big bucks for.*

You Need a Website That:

  • Looks professional
  • Matches your business logo or colors/industry
  • Has the information your customers need
  • Helps your business get found on the web with basic SEO (Search Engine Optimization – using words on the site in ways that help search engines deliver your site as the answer to a search)
  • Includes easy-to-use social sharing options
  • Comes with training on how to update it yourself (or a staff member), so you have control of your own site.
  • Gives you ownership and access to your domain name, hosting account and website software, even if you think you’ll never need it. Not all web designers give you this information/access and it can open the door to legal and professional complications, and even the loss of your site.
  • Costs $750 to $1500 for a simple website that works.

Some websites are more complex and may need special attention. If you need more customization, I can bring in a partner with specific skills to handle these needs.

*Did you know: Some of the extras many designers charge for are really pretty simple to do and simply aren’t worth the high fees.

 Why Keep It Simple Web Design?

I’m Cat Larkin, a 20 year Public Relations professional, who has a knack for combining PR & marketing with website design. In addition to my design skills, I have PR & marketing experience that most designers just don’t have. I’ve been creating websites for clients since 2008 as a part of what I do at Web Savvy PR (my PR & social media consulting business; if you want to see my experience click to see my LinkedIn page). But I recently decided to focus a segment of my business to fill the need I’ve seen.

I have found a real need among my clients  and prospects recently for simple, affordable websites for small businesses. I enjoy helping small businesses find their voice and place on the internet. This is where my PR background shines. Some of my social media & PR clients are struggling with poorly designed or over-priced sites that don’t work well. Other clients don’t have a site at all. So I am focusing a part of my business on helping small business owners and entrepreneurs  create low-cost, simple web designs to effectively brand and grow their  business.

I also have the knack for explaining technology in simple to understand ways. I understand “geek speak,” but I translate fluently into plain English.

Call or contact me via email for a free consultation to learn about your business and talk about your website needs, 484-802-7576, or click to send an email through my contact form.